Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fitting the air filter box

Tip the air filter box forward to get the neck of it clear of the frame loop and slide it between the tank and toolbox. When it is almost home, slip in the lower part.

At the bottom of the air filter box, is a holed tab used to connect it to the frame via a slotted lug welded to it. Here are the fitting components. A special bolt with a square head, 10mm nut and flat washer.

Place the bolt in to the frame lug with the threads protruding outward like so. Then offer up the  bracket on the bottom of the air filter box and place it over the bolt.

hold it in place by finger tightening only.

Notice that the air filter box has a new rubber gasket ring fitted in to the top. Use your fingers to get the captive nuts on the neck of the filter box to line up with the holes in the frame.

Place the air scoop gasket roughly in place.

Place on the air scoop and again, line everything up by looking down the holes.

The air scoop is fitted with two allen type bolts and split washers.

When tightening down the allen bolts, make sure that the gasket is seated properly, with equal gaps and nothing is trapped where it shouldn't be.

With the air scoop fully tight, you can now finish up tightening the tab at the bottom of the air filter box.

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