Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The waiting is almost over...

Just a quick update.

I've finally had a call today to let me know what is happening to the project scooter. What with holidays, queues of other scooters waiting to be painted and the general busyness of the people involved, our project Lambretta has finally reached the front.

As with any project, you can always add a great chunk of time on to what you hope will be your finish date and this way, you won't be too disappointed.

Our scooter will be going for paint prep this week. The frame and all parts have been stripped, blasted and any damage repaired and will now be heading for spraying. That will mean another short wait for the small dings etc to be worked out and all the specialist preparation doing before being restored to its original colour. I'll talk more about the colour when it arrives back painted.

But it should be too much longer now. Can't wait to get started.