Thursday, 24 January 2013

Next Project - Lambretta SX150

Coming up from March 2013 will be the next installment of the Lambretta Club Great Britain Restoration Blog. This time, something a little bit different from the standard restoration of the previous scooter. The basis for this project will be a 1967 Lambretta SX150 in Apple Green (Verde Mela). When I say a little different, it's actually going to be quite a bit different.

There are all kinds of changes going to be made to the scooter to make it very special indeed and hopefully give it a lot more "SX Appeal". For a start, a stock of genuine vintage parts are already waiting to be added, such as a set of genuine Lucas Pathfinder lights, Race Seat (not giving too much away), engine upgrade, braking upgrade and a DC conversion to run all kinds of trick goodies.

All will be revealed in time. This one is going to be a proper head turner.

Keep checking back.