Sunday, 8 January 2012

Just about finished...

Well, it's the first day for a while that it hasn't been raining or sleeting. So I figured that as the scooter is so close to being done, I might as well get her out of the garage and take a few nice shots of her.

Next week, the plan is to do a good, overall check of the work to make sure I didn't forget anything, get her up and running and play around with the gear selectros to make sure she runs well and goes through teh gears ok. I'll also check the brakes and everything is tight before giving this Lambretta a final clean and polish.

After that, the scooter will be winging its way back to Armandos in the back of their van and at that point, it will be given a full MOT Test and get its number plate from DVLA. so whoever is fortunate enough to buy this scooter will simply have to bring along a helmet.

Enjoy looking at her for now. More to follow next week.

And just to prove she is a genuine 1963 Italian stallion, here's the letter of authentication.

In the next few posts for this scooter, I will be advertising the price for her and hopefully showing her off to her new owner. As promised, the new owner will get a certificate for the scooter to proove it was the genuine restoration blog model and it will be signed by all connected to the build.

Look out for that.

An advert for the scooter will be posted midweek, with the price. however, if you want to contact me in the meantime, feel free if you are serious about owning this scooter. There is a £250 discount for any LCGB current member.

Discussions are also underway for the next project. Whatch this space...

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