Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fitting headset top, headlight

Here is our ultra rare Carello unit we described earlier.

And he original block for the wiring. This is inserted in to the rear of the headlamp unit bulb first.

And then clip it in place with the wire clip as shown.

On the underside of the headset top, you can see the previously installed, NOS speedomoter. There are two holes, one for the speedo bulb and the threaded one for the speedo cable.

The speedo is held in place with the retaining clamp and three screws with washers.

Insert the speedo bulb...

 insert the speedo cable. You may need to remove the cable from the retainer on the foks in order to get enough cable space to have room to get your hand in there.

Here are the correct bolts and washers to join the two headset halves.

With the headset fastened together, push over the rim carefully, and fasten with the correct screws and washers. I use cup washers here for a nice, neat finish.

Now add the bolt to the underside of the headset through the slot for the beam adjustment. Use a flat washer.

Here is is completed.

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