Sunday, 8 January 2012

Adding lights switch, headset wiring, horn wiring

Here is our quality replacement light switch.

Along with the two screws to attach it to the handlebars.

The wires behind the switch need to be fed through the apperture in the housing, if you cannot get them to go, you will need to slacken off teh brake, undo the housing bolts and remove the throttle roller in order to pull away the housing a little to get all the wires through. Do NOT pull on the wires.

With the wires through, fasten the switch to the housing using the bolts in the kit.

The switch wiring is fed as shown in to the headset.

And secured under the alloy clip.

The two wires for the horn brach off and go down as shown in the picture below.

Feed them down behind the legshield bracket.

And insert in to the horn connectors. It doesn't matter which way round they go.

Now connect all the wires from your switch to the headset block floowing the wiring diagram posted earlier. Notice the loom wires are already in from a previous post.

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