Sunday, 27 November 2011

Official Dating Certificate

Just a quick update.

There are a couple fo small parts left on order for the scooter to be finished. The first is a handlebar switch, which has been on order a while but is taking a little longer to arrive that we expected. Without it, we cannot run the wires down to the horn and therefor we cannot put on the horn casting or the horn grille. The last item missing is a seat cover. Again, we are waiting for a new leather seat cover to arrive which is remade to original specification to fit on our newly refurbished seat base.

Next week, we hope to have them and the scooter will be all but finished.

We can then add the last parts, finish up the wiring and start the scooter for the first time in many, many years. That will be quite a day. The scooter will then go through a few setup stages to ensure starting and running is perfect before it returns to Armandos Scooters in Sheffield for it's MOT.

This week, the Lambretta Club Great Britain Dating Certificate arrived. This confirms the Lambretta we have was built in 1963 and more importantly, it guarantees that I will be able to have the scooter issued with an age related plate by DVLA.

So, it is all coming together nicely and we will soon be ready to hand this scooter over to the lucky person who buys it.

More next week.


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